::Wellbeing & Health Services

 Wellbeing & Health Services

Whether you are a top executive, pensioner, teenager or child, taking care of your body is probably one
of the most important things you can do to stay on top of your game.

This includes what you eat, drink, exercise and relax. Prevention of disease and early diagnosis should take a
priority in your life. If you do have a chronic condition, it is imperative to keep it well under control.

Our Wellbeing and Health Service provides:

• Full medical examinations

• Disease Screening

• Medical surveillance and follow up

• Trend analysis of core health indicators

• Advice from practitioners and prescriptions for preventing health care risks

• Disease management

• Appropriate and timely referral

• Facilitation of employee assistance programmes (EAP) and personal psychological support services

Our team of experienced General Practitioners believes in a holistic approach to Wellbeing and has connections
with leaders in the field.

We back up our practice with evidence based medicine and access to latest developments and trends.
Full medical Examinations and Wellbeing assessments can be made on appointment.

Live Well!

To arrange for an appointment call Sandton Execuhealth on (011) 706 1231