::Corporate Health

 Corporate Health

The stresses of modern day business can take its toll on your body.

At Sandton Execuhealth we believe that looking after your body is an important part of preventing burnout and disease.
Our Corporate Health Service provides a one-stop shop for discerning companies because we provide more than just
a physical examination; we offer full examinations, consultation, and individualized health risk assessment and tests,
followed by a counseling session and treatment as required.

When it comes to your body prevention is better than cure.

Our Corporate Health Service provides:

• Pre- and Post-appointment occupational medical examinations

• Periodical occupational medical examination (annual)

• Executive Medical workup with individualized health risk assessment based age, gender, occupation, existing
   medical conditions and stressors, including ECG and Lung Function testing

• Trend analysis of core health indicators

• Advice from practitioners and prescriptions for preventing health care risks

Our team collectively has over 60 years of general experience and also has an occupational medical component.
Depending on your risk profile, we arrange blood tests, X-Rays, scans and audiology, as well as referral to
relevant key specialists.

Full Executive and Occupational medical Examinations can be made on appointment.

Work Well!

To arrange for an appointment call Sandton Execuhealth on (011) 706 1231